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Long-serving former Alberta MLA Alana DeLong is the Conservative candidate for Cowichan-Malahat-Langford.

Born in Nelson, and raised in the Okanagan and Victoria, Alana was a four-term Calgary MLA who served during fourteen years of government-facilitated economic growth and stability. A strong voice in the legislature, Alana was well known for her hard work on behalf of her constituents. She led the Alberta delegation to the Pacific Northwest Economic Region and held several executive roles in that organization.

A graduate of UBC with an Honors degree in Mathematics, Alana brings over 30 years experience as a business leader in the computer industry.

For the last six years, Alana has worked extensively with community and stakeholder groups throughout our region, from the board level to volunteering. This work confirmed to her that other people’s money must be treated and spent with respect. She believes responsibility in government benefits all citizens. There is no such thing as government money. It is all dollars hard-earned by the taxpayer, and once wasted, takes years to replace.

Alana and her husband live on Thetis Island with their two dogs.

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